Suri Elegance by The Alpaca Yarn Co

$ 22.50

Brand The Alpaca Yarn Co.

We are excited to be carrying this luxurious lace weight alpaca in delicious Colors of the Month!

Weight: Lace / 2-ply

Yardage: 875 yards (800 meters)

Unit weight: 100g (3.53 oz.)

Gauge: 28 sts = 4 inches

Needle size: US 3 - 3.25 mm

Fibers: 100% Suri alpaca; hand-dyed

Of the two types of alpaca—the huacaya and the suri—the huacaya is the more numerous of the two and has a fleece similar in characteristics to the merino breed of sheep, with a soft, fluffy teddy bear appearance of fiber that stands out from the body like a thick carpet and defined crimp (zigzag nature of the individual fibers). The suri, however, comprising only 10% of the world’s alpacas, has an elegantly draped slick, shiny fleece that hangs down from its body in long twisted strings, or locks.  Suri fiber is prized for its unique luster and superb soft, slick of handle. It is used primarily for producing fine textiles and elegant knitwear requiring a soft, flowing, and drapey appearance.  It is highly sought after by fashion houses because of it rarity, bringing a premium price in the fiber market.