About Us


Who we are. . .

So, it may sound a little cliché, but it sums up who we are nicely …

Waste Less. Want Less.

We went back to our old friends, the three R’s — reduce, reuse, recycle — to create a positive environmental impact at McKnittey. McKnittey’s packaging is 80% recycled content. Our labels are 100% recycled. Our business cards are printed on recycled paper and serve multiple uses eliminating additional marketing and packaging materials. Our packing tape is biodegradable. We email a receipt to you, we do not print it. And, if you want to pick up your order from us and not have it shipped, we can do that. You get the message.

Leave the world a better place.

The heirlooms you create should have impact beyond this one project. We strive to find vendors who are artisans, who care about the product they produce, and who are concerned with quality.  

Be nice.

McKnittey wants to be your local yarn shop online. We are handcrafters ourselves and appreciate the welcome you get in a well-run local store. 


Kelli received her BBA from University in North Texas in 1993. She worked in Operations Management in banking for 7 years before launching a new career as full-time mom.

She now is the bewildered owner of a 1920’s bungalow in McKinney, Texas with a husband, two kids in college, 2 rescued miniature schnauzers, 1 rescued neighborhood stray cat, and 8 chickens. She can no longer sit down without yarn in her hands. Just sitting feels like wasted time.

Crochet is her first love and she is constantly pushing her skills. She taught her daughter's girl scout troop to crochet.

Kelli has a passion for passing on handicrafts to the next generation. Not only to preserve the knowledge, but also to allow girls and boys to develop their own safe place. For her, yarn and a hook or needles are her safe place. Many emotions and thoughts are processed while she stitches away.

Developing her knitting skills is a constant source of delight. Her first knit project was a Gryffindor scarf for her son who is now 21. Looking at it now she shudders, but he took it with him to college. This past year, Kelli learned how to add beads to her knitting and many of the kits featured on McKnittey will have beads. She loves, loves to knit accessories. They go quickly and you do not have to sweat custom-fitting like you do with sweaters. 

All the yarn on McKnittey is fingering and lace weight and that is because they are Kelli's sweet spot. You can do so much with one skein and a hand-dyed skein is like a work of art in itself, a miniature Renoir or Picasso in your hands.