Prince Auxanometer Skein Sets by Theodora’s Pearls

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I get delirious over this yarn.  The same great Auxanometer only in six 50g skeins for a total of 1200 yards and in Prince color-ways.

PRINCE 1: When Dover Cry, Purple Rain, Peach, Raspberry Beret, Lady Cab Driver

PRINCE 2: Pink Cashmere, Computer Blue, Delirious, Morning Papers, Paisley Park, Platinum



Bamboo yarn is great for a lot of reasons. It’s incredible drape, it’s lovely luster – light and airy – its anti-bacterial properties make it great for babies, and it’s moisture – wicking tendency makes it a great all-year fabric. ESPECIALLY if you have animal-fiber sensitivities – this yarn makes perfect sense as an alternative to wool. This 4 ply stunner was developed and hand dyed by a master, and every skein is a generous 400 yards! This yarn was hand-dyed in Colorado and spun in Texas.  Cellulose and rayon based fibers are difficult to find.  This is a fingering weight yarn and would work well for a tank or an openwork shawl.

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