The "Verna-X" Beadle Needle by Lacis

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For stringing beads when bead knitting with fine yarns. A tempered stainless steel needle with a blunt point and hook on one end and a curve on the other to allow it to be used with a bead spinner.

The "with crook model" includes finger crook for control of direction of the hook.

The .8mm beadle is for #8/0 beads with lace weight yarn and #11/0 beads with cobweb weight yarns.

The 1.0mm beadle is for #6/0 beads with fingering weight yarn.

Will hold up to 125 beads. Adjustable stops provided for each bead column. This package contains one 1mm stainless steel Beadle Needle 7-1/2 inches long. Imported.

Note from Kelli:  This the bead hook I love plus you have the option of putting it in a test tube so you have a cute way to store it.  I have discovered my beading needles love to snag on my knitting bags and clothes.  I started storing mine in glass bud vases but my mom, Faith, (everyone needs a faith) suggested a test tube so I could take it with me. Perfection!

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