Knitting Fantasy and Fables

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More fun from ... a list of fantasy and fairy tales featuring knitting:

Science fiction and fantasy

Friday, Robert Heinlein
A menacing knitter.

Drums of Autumn, Diana Gabaldon
Sock knitting in 1700's, including description of males learning as children.

Queen of the Summer Stars, Persia Woolley
Heroine knitting on her queenly throne.

The Unknown Shore (Aubrey-Maturin series), Patrick O'Brian
Pirates teach a captured child how to knit.

The Very Thought of You, Lynn Kurland
An 11th century tapestry-destroying bard learns to knit when transplanted to 20th century Scotland.

Fairy tales

Angelita's Magic Yarn, Doris Lecher
An Andean folk tale, where the heroine is the fastest and finest knitter in the village.

The Mitten, Jan Brett
A Ukrainian folk tale where a young boy begs his grandma to knit him snow white mittens -- and promptly loses them in the snow where they become a home for animals.

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