Hollywood Knitting - Sylvia Sidney

Sylvia Sidney was born August 8, 1910 in the Bronx. Her parents divorced when she was 9 and when her mother remarried, Dr. Sigmund Sidney, he adopted her changing her name to Sylvia Sidney. Another actress retaining her legal name for the screen.

Hollywood Knitting - Clara Bow

Bow was born in Brooklyn in 1905. She was naturally a redhead but darkened the strawberry blonde color with henna so it would appear darker on screen. She was noted for introducing the flapper to popular culture. She had a reputation for outrageous behavior much of which was debunked. She was once blackmailed by a tabloid publisher who was convicted and spent 8 years in prison.

Hollywood Knitting - Bohus

While the initial designs were simple, this homegrown knitting movement eventually developed into a couture knitting collective where members would produce incredibly complex colorwork designs on impossibly tiny needles. One of the hallmarks of Bohus Stickning (or Bohus Knitting) is the use of purl stitches alongside knit stitches in the colorwork bands to add texture as well as color.

Hollywood Knits - Shirley Temple

Shirley Temple was actually born "Shirley Temple" April 1928 in Santa Monica, California. She was the number one box office draw from 1935-1938 but was hurt by the same "box office poison" article that had hurt Joan Crawford and Katherine Hepburn's careers.

Knitting Saves Lives

The caption in Getty Images reads. . ."England, 1940, Queen Elizabeth (later the Queen Mother) pictured with her two daughters Princess Elizabeth (later Queen Elizabeth II) and Princess Margaret as they take part in knitting to help with war charities during World War Two."

Hollywood Knitting - Doris Day

This week's post is about Doris Day. I do not even know where to start or end with her. Her knitting just seems to be icing on the cake. She was in the first movie to gross $1 million, "That Touch of Mink" with Cary Grant. As of 2012, she was the box office ranking actress of all time and among the top 6 actors of all time.

Hollywood Knitting - Deborah Kerr

Deborah Kerr, born September 30, 1921, was a Scottish actress best known for her roles in "The King and I" with Yul Brenner, "An Affair to Remember" with Cary Grant, and "Frm Here to Eternity" with Burt Lancaster.

Hollywood Knitting - Eleanor Parker

Eleanor Parker born June 26, 1922 in Cedarville, Ohio and was a very versatile actress. You hear that said of a lot of actresses but Parker played opposite Kirk Douglas in "Detective Story" and opposite Frank Sinatra in "The Man with the Golden Arm."

Hollywood Knitting - Vivien Leigh

Vivian Leigh was born in 1913 in Darjeeling in India. She won two Academy Awards, one for her role in "Gone with the Wind" and the other for "A Streetcar Named Desire." She won a Tony for her role in "Tovarich." Leigh's salary of $100,000 for her role as Blanche Dubois made her the highest paid British actress in 1951.

Hollywood Knitting - Una O'Connor

I have been on a Basil Rathbone kick lately thanks to the "Attaboy Clarence" podcast. Episode 36 was titled "Basil the Great" and covered his roles in movies. He talked a little about "The Adventures of Robin Hood" and how Errol Flynn has bling sewn on his costume and Maid Marian rides Trigger. I had to go check it out.