Crochet Baby Kerchief Bib

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I was so fascinated by the cuteness of Julia Vaconsin's knit kerchief bib I thought I would come up with a pattern for a crochet one:


Gauge: Gauge did not matter to me for this project as it is a baby bib. Looser gauge makes bigger bib. Tighter gauge makes smaller bib.

D (3.25) mm hook
cotton worsted yarn (using a smaller yarn would give you a smaller bib)
Button for neck closing
decorative button for embellishment
needle and thread for sewing on buttons
Clover yo-yo maker size large

Row 1: ch3
Row 2: work sc increasing at each end (5sc), ch 1 turn
Rows 3-20: Rep Row 3 until 47 stitches have been achieved.
Row 21: 2sc in first stitch (inc), sc in next 10 stitches, sc3 tog, sc 1, ch 1 turn. (leave remaining stitches unworked)
Row 22: sc 1, sc3 tog, sc in 9 stitches, inc
Rows 23-28 repeat rows 21 & 22 until 9 stitches remain
Row 29: work 9 sc, chain 1 turn
Rows 30 - 45: repeat row 29
Row 46: work 2 sc chain 3, work 3 sc, ch 1 turn
Row 47: work 2 sc, work 1 sc in each chain, work 3 sc. FO
Rows 48-75: on other unworked side of bib, repeat rows 21-47 in reverse omitting buttonhole in row 46.

Weave in all ends.

Sew button on non-buttonhole side of bib for closure. You could also omit the buttonhole and use Velcro.

I embellished the bib by making a fabric yo-yo and sewing a decorative button to it but you can embellish nay way you choose. You could embroider, sew wool appliqués, sew patches, etc.

I use this bib for charity. Please feel free to make as many of this pattern if you are going to give them away. Please contact me if you are going to make them to sell.

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