Hollywood Knitting - Ann Sheridan

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An amazing photo of Ann Sheridan in front of nose art of her on a B-52J during World War II.

Ann is a Denton, Texas girl. Her official website says, “Ann Sheridan was born on Sunday February 21st, 1915, in Denton Texas. She came into the world as Clara Lou Sheridan. Growing up on a ranch, Ann became quite the tomboy. She could bulldog a steer. She knew how to ride a horse exceptionally well and she was a pretty good shot with a gun."

She attended elementary school and junior high school in Denton. Wikipedia has her attending Denison High School but that is probably a typo because the Sheridan’s owned a home near the campus of what is now UNT.

Her sister entered her in a Search for Beauty contest which is how she got her Hollywood start.

And, yes, she is a fellow knitter.

Photo credit: Phillip Friddell, National Archives

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