It's A Yarn Crawl, Y'all!

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We are delighted to be sponsors of this year’s DFW Yarn Crawl – It’s a Yarn Crawl, Y’all! We crawled last year as customers and are more than thrilled to participate as a shop this year. Join in the antics as the crawl casts on Friday, Aug. 21, through Sunday, Aug. 30. That’s nine days of yarn, y’all!

We have a fun, interactive Instagram giveaway planned where there will be winners of awesome products from McKnittey. And, there is a possible food truck and yarn event in the works. So, stay tuned to learn how to participate in both activities.

If this is your first crawl, you are going to have a blast! Some of our favorite things from last year’s yarn crawl included visiting shops that we’d never been to before while on our daily excursions across the metroplex. Eating lunch at quaint or interesting venues with friends and family made the days an adventure and full of memories. And, of course, we were able to find new yarn brands, get our hands on yarn we’d been longing to see and got to take home some new yarnie goodness.

We can’t wait to meet all our new friends of McKnittey.

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