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My friend Jeni scored the cutest knitting notion for me.

It is a Raglan Sweater Wheel. You run across these wheels in games and children's books. You rotate a paper wheel behind or inside another paper wheel and line up words, pictures, or symbols and gives you an answer. I am sure there is a technical term for this device. If you know it, let me know.

Well, in this case, it dials up a formula for a raglan sweater.

First you pick who the sweater is for. Side A is for infants and children; size B is for teens and adults. Next you select the yarn size, the chest size, the sleeve length, and the neckline. It will tell you how much yarn you need and then gives you the number of stitches for cast-on and then how many stitches for each part of the sweater.

I would think you would have to have made a raglan sweater before or this could be very confusing. Also I think you would want to paperclip it in place so if a meddling schnauzer or husband moved the dial, you would not lose your place.

My goal is to make a sweater for the hubster from this guide. Stay tuned for further adventures!


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