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When I was visiting my grandparents in Missouri, my grandmother was super-enthused about her latest bargain. A friend of hers moved into a nursing home and gave away everything she could not fit in to their church to be sold and the money earmarked for overseas missions. Granny just had to go to the sale because there was a sewing machine for sale. NOTE: Apple does not fall far from the tree ... possible sewing machine to purchase AND it goes to a good cause. Score!

Anyway, she got a 50's era pink Brother sewing machine that is totally adorable in the table (and it works) with a Rubbermaid tub full of stuff! She has been going though the box with everyone who comes over and giving things away out of it. There were prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses which she donated to a local charity. There were antique micro serrated scissors from Gerany that were designed to hand-cut quilt blocks. We are talking before rotary cutters. So cool.

But, what she gave me was old embroidery transfers and an old button box.

The embroidery transfers still work and I am so excited begin making some towels with them. I love those goofy towels of the week. The Aunt Martha patterns look like they were purchases in 1991 from the price tag (and two are unopened), but the Vogart looks older. The transfer has never been used. Not sure how to date it, but it is so cute and is called "Bee Smart." 

I will have to use them and let you know how it goes.



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