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Ingrid Bergman in a Bohus Stickning style sweater. The Bohus Knitting style incorporates purl stitches in color work.

According to Crissy Gardiner on knitty.com, "In the late 1930s, spurred by a depression, the women of the Bohuslan quarries of Sweden asked Emma Jacobsson, the wife of the governor, to set them up with some sort of home-based business to help them support their families during this time of great hardship. While the initial designs were simple, this homegrown knitting movement eventually developed into a couture knitting collective where members would produce incredibly complex colorwork designs on impossibly tiny needles. One of the hallmarks of Bohus Stickning (or Bohus Knitting) is the use of purl stitches alongside knit stitches in the colorwork bands to add texture as well as color."

I like to see that Ingrid was supportive of this collective.

Thanks to David Bauer for the idea for this post

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