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I have been invited to see a showing of the 1927 Clara Bow silent film, "Wings" complete with Wurlitzer organ soundtrack. This encouraged me to hunt for photos of Clara Bow knitting. I came up empty but what I did find was a plethora of knitting and crochet patterns inspired by the "It Girl."

Bow was born in Brooklyn in 1905. She was naturally a redhead but darkened the strawberry blonde color with henna so it would appear darker on screen. She was noted for introducing the flapper to popular culture. She had a reputation for outrageous behavior much of which was debunked. She was once blackmailed by a tabloid publisher who was convicted and spent 8 years in prison.

What was true was that she was emotionally delicate. She stayed in sanatoriums at least twice in her life. She had a difficult childhood and the stresses of life in the public eye took their toll.

At one point in her career, investing in a Clara Bow film was considered lucrative because her films made double at the box office what other actresses' films made.

Bow died of a heart attack in Culver City, California at age 60. She was a recluse in the latter part of her life.

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