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Sylvia Sidney was born August 8, 1910 in the Bronx. Her parents divorced when she was 9 and when her mother remarried, Dr. Sigmund Sidney, he adopted her changing her name to Sylvia Sidney. Another actress retaining her legal name for the screen.

She had her first stage gig in 1926 and her first screen appearance in 1929. She was brought to Hollywood to replace Clara Bow who was becoming increasingly erratic.

She had two stages to her acting career: playing a gangster's girl, sister or later mother and then later when Tim Burton placed her in key cameo roles.

In between, she was a very busy lady. She was an avid knitter as can be seen by the photo of her with a garment. There is a very funny anecdote at moviemorlocks.com about her ignoring a director by tending to her knitting.

She had a line of needlepoint patterns. Yes, she was that Sylvia Sidney! And you can find them still today.

Her son died in 1987 of ALS and she became active in promoting the cause.

She died July 1, 1999 of espophogeal cancer.

Many thanks to the Movie Morlocks site for a great article on Sylvia.

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